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To insure all documents can be properly recorded and reproduced by imaging and microfilming, HB 525 was signed and sets forth the following guidelines for document preparation:

ORC 317.114:

If a document does not conform to these guidelines, an additional recording fee of $20 will be charged.

This law does not apply to the following:

Notary stamps and seals must be in black or blue ink only. Notary stamp must be completely legible and not touching embossed seal.

Signature must be signed in black or blue ink only. If a signature is illegible, a legible, printed, typewritten or stamped name shall be placed directly under the signature.

According to statue, the statement: This instrument prepared by clause must appear at the conclusion of the document and the name printed, typewritten, stamped or signed legibly.

If the above requirements are followed, delays in recording documents will be eliminated.

As always, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Tod Latell            
Trumbull County Recorder