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Recording Questions...

What are the Recording Fees?

The fee is $28.00 for the first two pages of your document, then $8.00 for each additional page. Some of the documents we record in this office do have different fees. To insure you know what the recording fee is going to be, call the office or look under the “Recording Fees” tab listed on the home page.

There is an additional $20.00 fee if your document does not comply with the standardization guidelines implemented July 1, 2009. For specifics, see the “standardization Guidelines” tab on the home page.

Am I able to record a document by mail?

Yes. You must make sure the documents meet all the legal requirements, include checks in the proper amounts, and a self- addressed stamped envelope so we can return your original document. Your documents will be returned unrecorded if you do not meet these requirements.

For deeds, we advise you to call the Auditors office (330.675.2420) and our tax map department (330.675.2473) to verify their requirements as well. Deeds must go through both of these offices before we can record them.

Do you have eRecording in Trumbull County?

Yes. We currently accept mortgage related documents only for eRecording. We have 4 vendors that work with our software provider, Document Technology Systems (DTS). For more information visit

Do you re-record documents?

Only if the person recording the documents states the reason for re-recording on the document to be re-recorded. In addition, it must be the originally recorded document and the cost is the standard fee plus $4.00

Does your County require a legal description with releases and assignments?


Does your County require $4.00 for marginal notations on releases and assignments?

Yes.  Call for further information on specific documents.

What do you charge for copies made by the public?

You must have or create an account in order to print copies. If you do, the cost is five cents (0.05) per page.

What do you charge for copies made by the Recorder's staff?

Two dollars ($2.00) per page if the staff assists in making the copy. If you want your copy certified, it would be an
Additional one dollar ($1.00).

Does your County have tract (geographical) indexing?


What is your policy for handling documents that are over or under filing fees?

Shortages and overages are returned unrecorded. We do not mail back cash, so please only mail, checks or money orders if paying by mail.