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Lien Questions...

How can I check for liens against my property?

While you can come in to the Recorders office, or use or records search online to check for mechanic’s liens on your   property, there are other kinds of liens that may be filed in the Clerk of Courts office (clerk of courts website link) or on the state level. We advise you hire a title examiner to be sure.

Can you remove a lien from my records?

Only the entity who issued the lien can remove it. After a lien is satisfied, and your lien is released, you may still find    these items appearing on your credit report. The Recorders office does not report any liens to any credit bureaus or anyone else, and we do not alert the credit bureaus when a lien is satisfied and released.

We would advise you to contact the credit bureaus directly, (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion) if a lien on your property was released and is still showing on your credit report.