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General Questions...

What is your mailing and/or delivery address?

Trumbull County Recorders Office
160 High Street NW
Warren Oh, 44481

What are the hours of the Trumbull County Recorders Office?

The office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. We stop accepting documents for recording at
4:15PM to allow time to close out our daily transactions.

Can I get information over the phone?

General information can be obtained by phone if you have volume and page, or instrument # of the document. For
more detailed information you should come into the office, or contact a title company or Attorney. Office
employees are not permitted by law to do searches.

How can I pay to record my documents?

Currently, cash and by check are the only forms of payment we can accept. We are currently looking at accepting other methods of payment in the near future for your convenience.

Can I get birth or death certificates at the Recorders office?

No. For that information you would contact the Warren City Health Department at

Do you keep my car title in the Recorders office?

No. For that information, you would contact the Auto Title Department at 330.675.2407.

Does your County offer online access?

Yes. You can access data and images of all our records excluding military discharges back to the year 1795,
which are the first records ever recorded in Trumbull County.

Will the Recorder’s Office perform a search for me?

No. State law prohibits the Recorder’s Office from doing real estate title searches. Title companies and attorneys perform searches with the reassurance that their work is accurate by providing the property owner with a policy of title insurance.

Will the Recorders Office prepare a deed or affidavit for me?

No. Employees of the Recorders office are not permitted to prepare or notarize documents. It is generally attorneys and title companies that prepare documents of conveyance. Many times, attorneys or title companies will search the land records to determine if there is a clear title to the property.

How long does it take to get documents back?

We make every attempt to return your original documents within 24 business hours. The documents are sent
back to the person/company that records them, unless otherwise instructed. If you have not received your
documents after several weeks, contact the party who recorded them for you.

Does your County supply blank forms for purchase?

No. If you would like to find blank forms, search them online, at your local office supply store, or contact an attorney or title company.

Does your County have Registered Land (Torrens)?

The Recorder's Office has previously recorded Torrens thru June of 1996, however, we no longer accept them
for recording.

What is your County’s Document turnaround time?

The majority of documents we turn around in one day. If we receive documents that have to go through other departments before we can record them, such as deeds, it may take a little longer.

Other frequently asked phone #’s

Veterans Services Commission – 330.675.2484
Building Inspection Dept.- 330.675.2467
Trumbull County Auditor- 330.675.2420
Trumbull County Treasurer- 330.675.2436