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Deed Related Questions...

Must I record a deed?

It is in your best interest to record a deed. A deed is binding even if it is not recorded. One good reason to record a deed is a former owner can continue to obtain mortgages or judgments against your property, since property records would show that he or she still owns it.

What kind of blank form for my deed should I use?

The Recorders staff is not allowed to advise on what forms to use. We suggest you speak to an attorney to make sure you are using the correct forms for your specific situation.

Can I prepare my own deed?

It is always a good idea to have someone with expertise in the field, such as an attorney, prepare it for you to make sure it is correct and says what you want it to say. Employees of the Recorder’s Office cannot and will not do this for you.

Can anyone look at my deed and mortgage?

Yes, all documents recorded in our office are public information with the exception of Military Discharge paperwork.

How do I replace a lost deed?

If your deed was recorded in Trumbull County, we have a copy and can certify it for you. The charge to certify a copy is $2.00 per page and $1.00 per document for the certification.

How do I get a copy of my deed or mortgage?

Copies of land records are available by searching records off the Recorders website, or by stopping into the Recorders office. There is no cost to you to print copies off of our website from a remote location. If you come to the Recorders Office and make your own copies, it will cost you five cents per page. If you come into the office and our staff assists you in looking up a specific document, there is a two dollar ($2.00) per page charge. If you would like the copies certified, the cost is an additional one dollar ($1.00).

If I find a mistake on my deed, how do I correct it?

We advise you to see an attorney.

How do I change add or delete a name on a deed?

Once a document is recorded, it cannot be changed. The only way this can be done is by recording a new Deed showing the change.

Do you have plans or surveys showing location of my buildings?

No. You may want to check with your township trustees, as they may keep records of surveys or can point you in the right direction.

If I build on my lot, do I get a new deed for the house?

No. The original deed only covers the land and not the buildings. Even though buildings are sometimes mentioned in an older deed, nothing can be added to your deed once it is recorded.

Is it necessary to delete a deceased spouse’s name from a deed?

No, but we advise that you speak to an attorney about the best way to proceed in this matter.

How do I check for deed restrictions on my property?

You can check for deed restrictions in the Recorders office. Again, we suggest having an attorney or title company help you with this process, to be confident you have the correct information.

How can I determine my property line?

Your deed will give you the legal description, but a surveyor would be needed to actually locate your property line and place stakes or other markers.

How can I determine the location of oil/gas wells on my property?

We suggest you hire a title examiner to help you determine this.

How can I determine the owner of a property?

The Auditors website (insert link to Auditors home page) will let you search who is the current owner of a property. The Recorders records are by names, not locations, and will list all the property owned by anĀ  individual.

Do you record deeds for cemetery lots?

No. Contact your local city or your township/village officials for that information.